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Most of my deviations in storage until further notice. I'll take time to select which ones I still want visible, though.
I'd rather rename this dA to "kittyXartist-archives" or something, if I ever use dA again, it'd rather be on another account but with this same name. IDK, I'm lazy to unwatch people here, and old comments will redirect here and such and well. Bureaucracy.

If I ever gave you some gift art or else, you can ask me the file, though. Be specific and remind me which thing it was. For anything else, I occasionally check my messages here, and I'm mostly on Tumblr under this nickname.

See ya!
Just a heads up!!

I think it's pretty obvious I haven't been very active on dA for the last...while, to say it in some way. I still do check in from time to time, maybe I'll reply to messages if they don't get lost or something, and mostly to favorite and comment on other's stuff. When I do have the time to draw Art, I mostly upload it to my Tumblr, though even I am thinking to do a mostly-Art tumblr, since this one is pretty much for personal and silly reblogging with the occasional doodle.

You're welcome to talk me here, but for faster replies, tumblr might be the best deal, unless I figure out I need a new dA or something and leave this one alive as an archive or something.

Be fine! :D
Anyone there?

I guess it was long due time to change the journal entry to something just...different! Heh!

I don't know what quite to type here, 'cept life has been quite weird and different this last year. I haven't made as much art as I would've wished, hence my inactivity here, but I'll try to change that in '13! If Architecture studies allow me to ;n;

Last year was a film-awesome year, I finally made some awesome friends irl and have a good boyfriend too (he's more into anime unlike myself and my cartoon shenanigans, however, but everything's nice!) and if it wasn't by several of them, I wouldn't have been able to watch at least some of last year's cinema blockbusters! I also saw Hotel Transylvania, Paranorman with my daddy and cousin (in English no less during some vacation to the US!), Rise of the Guardians and Wreck It Ralph! Brave was pretty cute, too.

I also managed to watch Iron Sky last year in cinemas, no less, during the aforementioned U.S. Vacation. It was a nice surprise finding a booked showing around the days we'd be around the country, and even somewhat close to where we were staying. My dad liked it a lot, too ;u;

I'm also into Homestuck a bit now, and happy because of the new Hetalia season. The Terezi Cosplayer in my favorites? That was myself in a con in November '12 ^^

I guess there's not much else to say about my life, except the fact that there are some good friends here on dA I miss a lot, and I do apologize because of not staying in touch as much as I could've, even despite the art. Thank you for everything read or not!… <<check this for actual information.… <<This is the actual dA News article, just in case. Please do read!

I don't know how many people have seen this yet. But I know not all my dA friends and watchers have got one, so consider this if you were wanting to make it a basket for your WIP's and doodles and such!
I, personally, might still use it for fanart and the like. But this is a slap in the face, for I had finally felt a bit opened up to post Original Art with characters from my own mind and the like there. Okay, technically they were not full fleshed OC's, but still.

Please do take conscience!
This'll make me burn inside for a while. I feel like such an idiot for posting my OC's there. Not anymore. dA'll have to be my safe place again, doodles and full fleshed artwork altogether.

EDIT: So it seems Tumblr does not claim inmediate ownership… ... I'd still love to read more of the actual ToS, but this made me a bit more quiet.
I might have not put up much of my recent art here on dA, so you can hunt my Tumblr art tag (under the same username as here) in case you'd need reference. Even if it's filled with doodles and occasional requests and whatnot. But it'd be really fun to get to know this from you, I'll be fine with your answers, hopefully!

01. I like when you draw: ___.
02. I wish you drew more: ___.
03. I wish you drew more fanart of: ___.
04. I wish you drew more original art of: ___.
05. I wish you drew a comic or4koma of/about: ___.
06. I wish you made a tutorial about: ___.
07. My favorite part of your work is: ___.

08. I dislike when you draw: ___.
09. I wish you drew less: ___.
10. My least favorite part of your work is: ___.

11. If I had to describe your work I'd say: ___.
12. If I had a question to ask about your work it'd be: ___?
13. The main strength & weakness of your work is: ___ & ___
14. Anything else?
From :iconjimmiiarm13: ^^

First five comments will receive the answers to the following questions- I guess?

1. What I primarily think of you as (ex. awesome artist/writer/animator,friend, etc.)
2. The two colors that you are in my mind
3. A song that reminds me of you or I think fits you
4. The last thing I did related to you in some way
5. What I tend to call you and say about you when I talk about you to people in RL
6. An animal I think fits you
7. Something I've been wanting to tell you
8. To go repost this on your profile

Tacke on(?)... I can't assure I talk about you IRL, but who knows?
The Rules:

1. Take ALL the CDs in your house and put the music on your PC/I-Pod (Also the songs you DON'T like!)

2. Play them and use the shuffle-mode while you answer the questions.
Answer the questions with the Song title or song text.
Try to explane why this Song fits as an answer... or why not...

3. DON'T CHEAT! No Skipping! No searching! No deleting of songs you don't like!

Ok... now that you have a lot of music,
we start with the questions! (When you do the meme you can delete the "Rules"-Part)

The Questions:

1. Question: You eat some breakfast. What do you eat?
S: Nyan cat on piano!
E: Uuuh, I eat pop tarts? I see my cats early in the morning? I haven't really ate them, but...

2. Q: You finished breakfast and walk through your house. You look out of the window and see...?
S: W·D·C ~World Dancing~/Axis Powers Hetalia
E: I see Washington DC!? Uuh, nope. But near the window there are some photographs of my trip to DC, so...

3. Q: You open the door to take a closer look, but then you noticed that you forgot your...?
S: Natural Killer Cyborg - MOTHER 3
E: I FORGOT MY CYBORG! I Can't get out without my Killer Cyborg... which is natural. Or without at least a tech thing like the iPhone or DS /easilybored.png

4. Q: You search everywhere, but you can't find it. Then you remember that it is in/at/etc. ...?
S: Dreams of an Absolution - Blaze's Version
E: Chibis, I left it in a dream.

5. Q: After taking it, you go to work. Your job is...?
S: Popcorn -Fiddlers Green version
E: I make popcorns on the cinema? Real deal, I'd like to work on a cinema  for a short time for the sake of movie posters, eee

6. Q: You take the bus. You notice that the guy next to you smells like...?
S: Karakuri Burst - Kagamine Len and Rin, Kasane Teto and Ted
E: Whoa... uhhh. The guy smells like a japanese doll and maybe couple serial killers and wacko officers.

7. Q: At work, you meet your colleague, whose job is...?
S: Dr. N. Gin's Theme - Crash Bandicoot: Warped!
E: He's a mad scientist?!I'd buy this if my colleague was one of my friends, however.

8. Q: He's your best friend and very funny. He tells you a joke about...?
S: You know the story - Gumi Megpoid
E: It's not a joke, he wants to me to guess something so obvious I can't pinpoint it. Arrgh, be direct, boy! (or girll)

9. Q: You take the elevator and go to your office. Your office looks like...?
S: Bust Your Windows - Glee Music

10. Q: You start the computer and look at the desktop. Your wallpaper shows...?
S: World 3 Map - Super Mario Galaxy 2
E: It's a Wallpaper of the World 3 Map of Super Mario Galaxy 2!

11. Q: You start the program you normally work with. But instead of working you play a round of...?
S: Marukaite Chikyuu - Holy Roman Empire (Piano Version)
E: I obviously do not play a game, I play PIANO! Wish I did...

12. Q: Your boss enters the office. You hate him... When he's not around you call him a...?
S: Natural Killer Cyborg 2.0 (MOTHER 3 remix)
E: HE IS SUCH A CYBORG! THAT IS A KILLER! D:... and also, sort of natural. Maybe it's in his genes?

13. Q: Lunch time! Your buddy shares his lunch with you! It's your favorite dish, ...?
S: Luxor Boss - Big Bang Mini
E: Hmm, I love to eat stuff straight from Luxor! I'll nom-nom some temples and pixely bosses.

14. Q: After lunch you start working on today's project. It is about ...?
S: Fighting for Freedom - The World Ends With You
E: WE'RE LA RESISTANCE. Or I'm just planning how to get rid of my Natural Killer boss. Or it's the storyboard for a movie about La Resistance? Eeh...

15. Q: Your boss gives you some extra work. You think ...?
S: You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift
E: What? I forgot to tell you I have a tsundere crush with my boss! But really, WHAT!?... maybe it's the freedom I'm fighting for which belongs to me. Or I'm daydreaming about a pretty guy even if I don't have a crush to get rid of my boredom? Uugh.

16. Q: After work your buddy wants to go bowling. You love bowling so you say ...?
S: Daughter of White - Yowane Haku
E: NO WAY. They'll dislike my white hair except for a single friendly girl, and then... massacre endsues and arrgh! How I'd love to go play Bowling but...

17. Q: In the bowling hall you score a turkey (triple-strike). You are so happy, you scream ...?
S: Interstellar Flight - Ranka Lee and Megpoid Gumi
E: It's as amazing as an interstellar flight!!! WOO!

18. Q: Suddenly you get a phone call. It's you husband/wife. He/she says ...?
S: Matryoshka - Utatane Piko
E: HE GOT ME NEW MATRYOSHKAS! Or... We're going to Russia to buy some? Either way, EEE! (?)

19. Q: You decide to go home. You tell your friend ...?
S: Eisamkeit - Hetalia Axis Powers
E: I'm alone, except for you, such a good friend I know I can trust in! ;_;

20. Q: Back at home you tell your husband/wife that you were bowling with your buddy. He/she is cooking. You wonder what's for dinner. It's ...?
S: Mozaik Role - Kasane Teto
E: I'm going to eat mosaics in a roll... eeh.

21. Q: After dinner you ask your husband/wife ...?
S: Bad Apple (Vocaloid and Utauloid mix)
E: Why did you get apples!? THEY'RE BAD and make me a hikikomori :'(

22. Q: You watch some TV. There's a new show called ...?
S: Nyan Cat Guitar Version

23. Q: To end the day you... you know what... with your husband/wife. While... doing it... you listen to...?
S: Bad Apple - Full Version
E: I won't do you know what! Much less when you got apples today! D:

24. Q: Did you like this meme?
S: Still Alive - Portal Soundtrack
E: I don't know... but hey! I'm still alive, so it's a something.

25. Q: Some last words before you tag some guys?
S: Bad Romance - Glee Cast
E:  I want you loving and I want your revenge... You and me could make a Bad Romance!... Or a drawing collab of a romance that's awful? Eeeh....

I... uuh... tag to whoever is as bored or interested as I was to do this silliness? Good luck!
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First than everything, thanks a lot for your birthday wishes while ago! Funny how I'm writing this almost a month after ^-^

The Rules:
X You must post these rules.
X Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
X You have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons on the same journal.
X Go to their pages and tell them you tagged them.

1. Uuuh, I have done this few times before, so let's see if I have 9 more interesting things about me.
2. I've been already a content person with my life, but recently a series of cute/crazy things has happened I'd like to just do mini-strips... too bad the time won't allow such in the immediate D:
3. I love cookies like nobody's business. Especially Oreos!
4. I don't have much of an obsession at the moment besides my own stories I've kept at bay for a while... not that I have much time to fanarting and the like...except, ironically, at school.
5. I love star-shapped things and gear-shaped things. Also, robots, especially retro/50's-and-60's-imagery-like ones :D And well...penguins and cats :3
6. Purple is my favorite color, although I don't always decide by just one when drawing.
7. I've been having so many nostalgia ruses lately, be it with old obsessions or cartoons or old friends...
8. Last one may be due that I'm just about finishing High School! As I type this, there are just three weeks of school remaining!
9. If you see a Gru-girl on Halloween in some part of Virginia State in the U.S.A. this year... be sure to try to greet her *wink wink*
10. I may stress over really silly stuff, but don't give a chibi about the stuff that might be important for the time meaning.

I tag... uuh, anybody who feels like to steal this!

Comment on this and I WILL:

1.) Tell you something I'll learn about you by looking at your DA page for 13 seconds

2.) Tell you which color you remind me of

3.) Tell you my first memory of you

4.) Tell you what TV, Movie, or Video Game a character you remind me of

5.) Ask you something I've always wondered about you, and have you answer

6.) Tell you my favorite thing about you

7.) Give you a funny nickname

8.) Tell you what's on my shirt right now

9.) Challenge you to post this on your journal

BRING IT ON! And if my memory is not that bad, make me fall again into nostalgia moments as I try to remember how did I meet you and in which fandom was I while at that...;_; no, I'm not crying!
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I just was wondering if someone had one, preferably if dedicated to stuff like WALL·E or Despicable Me since those are my favourite fandoms at the moment :D and Hetalia but that's another thing...
If you don't, I'd still like to give it a check to see if I'd follow it :3

Here is mine which I might use for doodle dumps and, well, randomness :3
Taken from :icongeneraloctavious:'s journal.

There's someone going around and hacking into peoples' accounts and posting bad things to their friends so they can get mad and ban them.

I advise you to re-post this to your journal so your friends can know that if a random post comes up being mean to them that it's not you, that someone got into your account.


I just want all my friends safe and not get banned! Thank you!

So if I start acting horrible, you know its NOT ME!

That said.  Guys, be careful you all! DM Forum friends here on dA may be specially wary, too, we still don't know what happened to one of our members, remember?
Taken from :icongeneraloctavious:'s journal.

There's someone going around and hacking into peoples' accounts and posting bad things to their friends so they can get mad and ban them.

I advise you to re-post this to your journal so your friends can know that if a random post comes up being mean to them that it's not you, that someone got into your account.


I just want all my friends safe and not get banned! Thank you!

So if I start acting horrible, you know its NOT ME!

That said.  Guys, be careful you all! DM Forum friends here on dA may be specially wary, too, we still don't know what happened to one of our members, remember?

No tengo demasiado conocimiento de la terminología así que los resultados pueden estar medio-off ^^; pero ya veremos...

Questionario Otaku?

1-Viste/leiste un anime/manga :
[] Kodomo
[x]Maho Shojo
[ ]Maho Shonen
[]Soft Hentai

Total so far: 6

[x]Super deformed
[x]Gore (No creo que parte de Full Metal Alchemist y Soul Eater cuenten, pero por si acaso...)
[x]Moé (parte de Lucky Star, ¿Sí o sí?...)
[]progressive anime
Total so far: 11

2-You have:
[x] Un muñeco de accion (DIGIMON FTW)
[x] Una figura/gashapone (Pokémon... no cuentan las de WALL·E, intuyo xD)
[x] Imagenes en tu PC (Axis Powers: Hetalia, Puyo Pop Fever style *-*)
[x] posters (de Super Mario Galaxy,saga de Legend of Zelda... no creo que cuenten, pero...)
[x]cartas (Yu-Gu-Oh, Pokémon... por el valor de colección, soy mala para los juegos :P )
[x] disfrazes (Sailor Moon hace 10000 años! xD )
[]ranobes/ novelas ligeras
[] juego de mesa
[] mangas
[] un arma japonesa/ninja
[]mouse pad
[x] Peluche
[x] pins
[]Cds (Character CD's de Hetalia... en el iPhone ^^; )
[]Otras cosas (supongo que si XD)

Total so far: 20

Viste un anime o manga donde digan estas frases:
[x]" Soy Dios" (Creo que Kira >.>; )
[x]" Maldito pervertidoo!!"
[x] "Te quiero"
[x] "Fuego!"
[x] "..." (What the CHIBI)
[x] "Quien eres?"
[] "Amo el pastel"
[x] "Nyan~"
[ ] "BOOM!"
[] "Hagamos una banda de musica"
[x] "...un mundo magico..."
[] "Zombie"
[] "Otaku"
[x] "Amo" o "Señor"
[] NANI!???

Total so far: 29

[x] Volar
[x] Hacer magia/jutsus/ alquimia ("Llave que guardas el poder de la oscuridad..." xD)
[x] Correr a hipervelocidad
[x] mantenerte serio y callado durante un tiempo (Razón por la cual tuve que dejar el rol de Mello en la foto... muy OOC yo con mi risa xD)
[x] decir algo en japones (Watashi Wa Varen-chan-desu! Doitsu!? DOITSUU!!! Nihonnnn~ Vocaroid~ Marukaite Chikyuu... >.>)
[x] escribir algo en japones
[x] Parecerse a un personaje (De chiquita xD pero nada superobsesivo)
[x] Hablar como un personaje (Ve~Doitsu!...erh...kolkolkolkol...erhm...*señala a la cita de Sakura Card Captors arriba*... los pokémon cuentan, ¿Cierto?)
[x] Una parodia (America-san instant cosplay FTW, fuí Haruhi Suzumiya ayer 8D)
[x] Dibujar manga/anime (no sé si sentirme o no orgullosa... viva la neutralidad, supongo. *Meep* (C)LylianIwaki )
[x] Jugar un juego MMO o RPG (MMO me da fastidio. RPG, desde siempre *-*)
[x] Descargar anime ( es que haya podido verlo T_T)
[x] Ver anime en la tele
[] comprar novelas/mangas
[x] hacer amigos en convenciones
[] Leiste lo anterior y dijiste " jo, creo que estoy loca"

Total so far: 43

Viste/leiste un anime/manga que tenia:
[x] una chica de grandes bubis (Por qué rayos todos los anime/manga ahorita son así u_u)
[x] un animal legendario
[x] Referencia a Mcdonals
[x] Referencia a Cocacola (por lo menos en una versión del ending xD)
[] Una relacion sexual
[x] Un beso
[x] Una muerte
[x] Otro mundo/planeta/universo
[x] Grandes armas
[x] un barco
[x] un sailor fuku
[x] un bebe
[] mucho lemon
[x] perros/gatos
[] Maids
[x] Mucha sangre (De nuevo, no sé si FMA o Soul Eater sean candidatos aptos, pero...)
[x] Dibujos deformados (CHIBITALIAA~)
[x] Un concepto demasiado complicado (Death Note? Aunque no lo terminé de ver, así que...)
[] Tan aburrido que te hizo dormir
[] Es sobre el siglo medio (Siglo Medio? O Edad Media? Eh?)
[] es sobre el futuro

Total : 58 (en porciento) publicalo en tu journal con el titulo "Soy __% Otaku"

¿Más de 50? Just... WHAT THE CHIBI.
Bueh, me imagino que eso es por la dosis de Hetalia que me estoy metiendo, sin mencionar lo que me entró de anime como hace un par de años... no he terminado casi ninguno hasta ahora (Sólo Corrector Yui...¿Alguien? :B )...así que...
It's a "See you soon!" :)

Anyways, I will start school tomorrow (today if you're reading this in Monday) and that means homework and other nasty stuff I don't want to bother on thinking right now >_<

And so, I might try some activity on my gallery, but I can't promise anything! ;)

Oh yea, and kind of the silly request, but.... :giggle: can you guys do some devMuro doodle? It'd be fun o see what can you do! :D

I'll really miss you friends! You know who you are, hopefully :hug: thanks for helping to make these vacations so interestin' x3
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(I'm trying to see how many journals in a row can I do with "Despicable" as the first word in the title :D so far, so good.)

It's not completely sure, but if I'm not filled with school the day it comes, I'll give a free request to the person who catches it! :)
Again, don't get your hopes up. I should mention I won't do stuff beyond G, maybe PG rating if you get me ;)
Get sure to have a screenshot of it!
Please check out at least the first page of my gallery. No, I'm not asking for comments/faves, but that you get which one is my style so you don't get dissapointed if you don't like at all your request ;D

The count starts... now! LOL.
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Check it out! :D
If you're a DM fan, feel free to join :) say us Hi, read the rules, whatever!^^
Oh, and... I'm Tsukidorobou over there =D
The forum will be looking better soon, don't worry! I still need to mess up with the color scheme and the skin x3

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August 9th, 2010, will be remembered as the first time I went to a theater in the U.S.A., the first time I saw a film entirely in english (without even subtitles to help me I mean), the first time I see something in 3D, besides those Spy Kids/Shark Boy and Lava Girl when I was little but that does not count at all ^^;, and also the first time I saw Despicable Me. EPIC WIN DAY.

September 2nd, 2010, is the second day I see Despicable Me. Albeit not in 3D, in latin american spanish dub, and althought some jokes were lost in translation (The "Annie" one is just changed by some other quote, but other than that it's alright), it was still an epic win day :D

Gru's voice dub might have not been as marvelous as Steve Carrel's, but still did nice the job :) Mama Gru, Miss Hatie, and Mr. Perkins, still had a time to shine, however, in par with the original voice acting. Vector's was a bit weird at times, but mostly was enjoyable xD the girls were... okay. Not overly wonderful but not bad either, they were sweet. They're thankfully cute themeselves anyways :3 I liked they kept the translations for such iconic scenes such as "IT's so fluffy I'm gonna die!" and "KNOCKED OVERRRR", I kept saying that after I left the theater with some friends xD

I think I sitll will love forever the original voice acting because it was my first and it just was wonderful, but this one wasn't half bad either xD I just had to support my recent favourite film in its country of origen (while I was still there for my vacations) and in my home country! Woo!


More info? You can refer at… .
So, nobody seems to know for an active DM community as for now. I am taking the business on my hands then! But I have a little question for you this time.

*Do anybody of you have experience at being a moderator/administrator from a forum? Since most of the people from this fandom are new friends to me, I can't really know ^^; I can't also assure you that if you only reply to this journal, I will pick you for the role. It's just in case! =) I already have some people in mind (I won't tell you here, tho! Not yet!) but if someone wants to give it a try... I might initially choose 2-3 crew members, but if when the forum starts to get growing, maybe in the future I'll raise the bar if more people seem adequate for the role! =)

Thanks for reading this!^^ and then again, if you know of some more people who might want to take part on my little forum business, do tell them!

I might not be able to work on anything (Forum or art, however) until sunday. I'm going in a little travel to the beach tomorrow, and I'm not sure if I'll use dad's laptop, which isn't exactly the most fast thing on the world, so...^^;

That's all for now, folks! ;D
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(Hey guys! First than all, sorry my recent hiatus, I've been busy with this art trade here and there, and a request avatar I'm finishing But here I am again!)

This is a continuing to my other journal.
Some certain friend here on dA was nice enough to borrow me a link for a seemingly growing community for Despicable Me fans, and although I was doubtful to join, seeing I wouldn't know what to do with the account besides using it for the forum-esque place (^^;), after lurking out for a while, I almost decided I would join.
But-uh... when I browsed up again that community, there were no results to show! So… did it get deleted or something? =( I still haven’t received a reply from that person, but…

Maybe I'm just taking rushed conclusions. Usually when a forum or place is shut down, is because another community might be born under the same mods, but in a different setting. I've seen that in an Up Forum, now Pixar Forum. And I think the WALL•E forum did that too. So maybe there will be another DeMe(heh, that got stuck in me after seeing it on an IMDb board :giggle:) community someday! If so, I'll try to support it as a member!

...but if there's no plan for a DM community anytime, anywhere soon, would anybody want to take part in that one? With how many fans do I count? ;)

If you know from someone who might have answers for this, may you tell him/her about this? Sorry ^^;

tl;dr, here's the resume:

1. Is there an existing Despicable Me Forum of some sort?
2. Will there be such forum? (Is it in the works from what you know?)
3. Would you want to be in one, or do you know people who would like to take part of such? =)

Thank you very muchly for your help! :wave: I might keep making more entries like this one, depending of the final outcome of this one a.ka., I discover there’s a DM board or not :O
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Well, maybe not so despicable, but... :giggle:

One thing, dA people. Not many of you(my friends!) seem to be DM fans judging for some of your comments ^^; but those who are, do by any chance know if there's a forum of some sort for that film? You know, for discussing stuff about the film and characters, possible roleplays sharing fanart and stuff, et cetera :D

If there's no such thing in existence, do you know of people who would like such thing?

If so... I might take the business in my hands :plotting:
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From the U.S. :) I didn't get too much time to draw, however. I was most of the time "tourist-ing" Washington D.C. =D althought I got some time to skip onto this library and het some pounds of science fiction to my house. Including 2001: A Space Odyssey! I couldn't feel right after reading it little more than a year ago and still having not paid for it ><; I got my heart upside down when I saw it at the shelves!

What? Here in Venezuela, at least in my nearby bookstores, it is a bit hard to locate some science fiction novels...

Oh, and Despicable Me is oficially one of my favourite films ever. I already was up to like it because it was going to be the first film I'd see in a cinema the U.S., the day before I'd get back to Venezuela (Past monday), but I just ended loving it up anyways x3 and I got to understand it! Probably a 98% of the dialogue or even more, heh... (my english reading is english listening...needs some polish ^^; ) I kept the RealD Glasses, and I should definitely do some fanart to it before the vacations end.

Just wanted to throw that :D and hi! I missed ya ;_;
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I'll leave for some days to the U.S., since tomorrow July 18th until the date in the title =D

I'll not be able to post much, maybe some sketches in a mouse, but other than that...see ya later! =) Will miss ya ^^

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